Gedankenexperiment I - The Map
Mixed media on paper
2007 - 2008

To Do - Untitled Book - text, edit, and print
NYISTALE - try not ending up in jail
The psychology and actions of the street artists in New York City
----> Restricted freedom of expression around context
| -----> Popular culture iconism
| -------> Choice of Place -> Reason? -> Culture -> sub
| ---------> Working as collective
| -----------> Splasher - Art as weapon!

-"...Shattered dreams and overly polished trophies remain locked in the cabinet, to which, I do not own a key"
-Trespassers Handbook -> How not to fuck this up
- JHB -> NYC (bag tags from one to the other X )
re-contextualization requires a moment of transition / and delay

- High, tech, trap...looking back
the international (african) diaspora
Guard - Africa Biennial
- Binoculars -> find found
- Black painted fist raised
- waving with binoculars in hand
- How does work effect the world
- At one time we thought about FORM...
- Johan Travels
begin a study of each countries regional art world & shows
-America -> New York, Miami, San Francisco
Asia -> China town
Europe --> Little Italy
------------------> Hoboken -> Dutch
------------------------> French?
Eastern Europe, and the middle east in search of "The INTERNATIONAL diaspora"
- A manifesto of contemporary unrest and the fallen empire -> a brick
-> Experience in union square
- gedanken experiment (1)

- The unauthorized collaborations workshop
- SMOK - Production / Pay (materials)
-> pre-development -> $200
-> Jen and Karen
_________Supported by Living
-Concept - keep working
- Naming ceremony
- old work -> overhead projector
- sign and walk away
- a smok is born
- Photography shoot with Ian
Smok - Performance, ownership, and extension of self through practice
-Shadow of coat makes -> existential weight
transactions take place through living
- Dancing in the square
- Relevance to Cabaret Laws - no dancing in public
-research the meaning makers
- investigate by thinking
- res cog
nothing in time can be eternal
"The artist must become the magician...of the mind."
-> Intellectual capital - ist

Think / Paint -> Meaning makers
- Conceptual or non-object (philosophical)
- Meaning -> Aesthetic
-> frame -> viewer
----> form ----> Archetypal source
-----------------> Ideas
------> external unchanging?
Perfect Idea -> unable to produce in material form
...sometimes all I can think about is her tits

-WHY is my work so fucking ugly
manifestation of ideas of self distorted in execution
It is a joke, a satire play for those who wish to be viewed in the superior - Anti-god
RANDOM Chaos Pattern Maker <---
As a source for: meaning or chaos? ...or Kos or meaning as a product of kaos
- The weaving of space
Escape / Artist
- Sound Machine:
timer, fan, old speaker, sensor, white plinth
-The self-fulfilling prophecy

- Let's have a strong -> supportive generation
maybe the future is just about collaboration, even with the past, who will you collaborate with?
- All work is published under living for showing
ubuntu: we are only human because of humanity
A practice around reflection -> in context of this planet
-The tower is on every building and tree's
Sound - Black speaker, programing timer, fan, plinth - spk to sean
Or visual sensor -> When viewer approaches object, it responds
-Why do I keep dreaming about flying?
---> temporarily
-------> the event / action / act -> Meme progression
...Now we FORM new thoughts

-It is a great time to be alive - to be unsentimental
The imaginary object:
art handlers are brought in to examine and discuss nothing - then to pick it up and carry it out of the frame
- Why is high, tech, trap? ---> the act
The desire to use art to confront mainstream culture with existential gestures is becoming increasingly popular (boring) pg 335
The man becomes the masterpiece
- " under the classification of an artist, one is given an unprecedented amount of freedom to navigate and explore life."
- "82, 2007, 2008, 2009...

dont let money upset you. do what you enjoy, live, and do it better than anyone else, invest more. in the end, its what personal power you get out of the experience. you know these things well, take charge - leading by example
Let's go back...the universe gives me the creeps
-the time has come!
---> Gedankende
----> self-fulfilling prophecy
-----> think / tank
------> a sound machine
-------> africa
--------> kos maker
---------> smok + existential weight -> series and installation - photos and objects
register it!

Strategy: expand, new museum
openhouse -> 3 day show -> launch book + new work
Living Factory -> pop-up store
----------------------> publishing, factory, product
Koons, murakami, war whole
It is how you look at things that gives it its power
-An artist is forced by others to paint out of his own free will" De Konning
Agent Provocateur

Gedankenexperiment I - Map, 2008