The GREAT the END of the Apocalypse

Rain date - Sunday - July 26th, 2009 - 12pm to 1pm
Canceled - Saturday - July 25th, 2009 - 1pm to 4pm

Everyone knew that the day would come. As hard as it is to believe and as
much as we want to resist the idea, the Apocalypse must come to an end.

It is on the cusp of the end that The GREAT Tumble is to take place. The GREAT Tumble will mark the time of the fall, a time when people will resign control to the force of gravity, as they roll down and off the edge of the apocalypse.

Jesse Walker and LIVING company invite you to join us in The Great Tumble and in bidding farewell to living in our own happy apocalypse. Together we can enjoy our last moments as we roll down the hill like we used to when we were kids.

Bring your friends, strangers, blankets, games, beverages (no visible alcohol), snacks, frisbees, boomerangs and any other thing you might want to bring with you.

LIVING in Our Own Happy Apocalypse, by Jesse Walker and LIVING company - June 13th to August 1st, 2009
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Western mound of Fort Jay, Governors Island, New York City Harbor (see map below...)

How to get there? By boat of course:
The Governors Island Ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South Street, in Lower Manhattan. This is the old green building from 1908 that is immediately to the left of the Staten Island Ferry building on the East Side of Lower Manhattan. You can also catch the ferry to and from Brooklyn, running between Fulton Ferry Landing in Dumbo and Governors Island Pier 101. Please see the Governors Island website for more information.

The easiest way to get to the Battery Maritime Building via public transportation is by the #1 train to South Ferry Station, the 4/5 trains to Bowling Green Station, or the W/R trains to Whitehall Street Station.

LIVING in Our Own Happy Apocalypse is a part of Figment 2009. For more information about the organization and annual event, visit the Figment website! Also, while you are out on the island, be sure to check out the CITY OF DREAMS Season-long interactive sculpture behind Liggett Hall.

For more details on the artists, please see:
Jesse Walker and LIVING company